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Owner / Stylist

Meet Dawn! Anyone who knows Dawn knows her passion for hair goes way beyond her very talented hands! At age 14, when she was a shampoo girl, she dreamed of owning her own salon one day and creating an environment where both clients and stylists are empowered to feel great about themselves. 10 years ago that dream came true!!! Her clients and Sorelle employees feel like family!


In the 10 years of owning Sorelle Salon, she has learned that to keep up with this industry you constantly need to be learning and bringing clients and stylists the education and products from the best of the best in the industry.  Dawn is skilled in hair color, cutting, styling and both Tony Osisho and Hairdreams extensions and is available all day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. 




Meet Jordyn. At a very young age, Jordyn used to love to cut and color her dolls’ hair, much to her mother’s dismay. When she was 6 she got her hair flat ironed for the first time and she loved it. After getting many haircuts, colors and styles, she knew that this was the career for her.  Jordyn says she just wants to make people feel pretty (or handsome) and good about themselves! Her favorite thing is seeing the smile on her clients face after they’re done.  When asked what her favorite process is she really couldn’t name just one. She says she loves them ALL!  Jordyn is a full-time stylist who does all color, cutting, and natural nail services. She also does most waxing services. She loves to learn new techniques as well. 

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Meet Amanda! When she was in high school she dreamed, alongside her sister, of owning a salon one day! She would work part-time at the Nail school her Aunt owned and after graduation, started going to school to be a nail tech.  Soon after, she interned at a salon in Buck Town and LOVED doing nails and the fast pace of the city! She knew she was hooked for life!

Amanda is a certified CND Nail Tech and has been doing nails for 18 years. She believes that beautiful nails are essential to complete any look. 

She enjoys owning a salon with her sister and strives to create long-lasting relationships with their staff and clients. Being a Pieces, she believes that the beauty of creativity is in her soul. 

In her free time, Amada enjoys her three sons and her hubby.  At Sorelle Salon Amanda offers No Chip Manicures and Pedicures and Custom Spa Manicures and Pedicures. To make your appointment more enjoyable, Sorelle Salon offers Pure Essential and Aveda products.  




Tanna was interested at a very early age by hair styling! Her Mom worked at a salon that her Aunt owned and she loved watching her Aunt work her magic with her client’s hair. She feels very lucky that she has always known what she wanted to do in life!  Tanna has been in the industry for 5 years and is certified in Tony Odisho hair extensions. She has traveled as far as Spain for technique and takes hours of classes to stay relevant in this very fast-paced environment. She also feels very lucky to work with the group of stylists here because she knows how much they learn from each other. She loves watching videos and looking through different blogs and social media to see how the leaders in the industry do their craft.  Tanna is a full-time stylist and works Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday and every other Saturday.  Tanna says she loves doing hair because of the way it makes people feel and that it is an incredible feeling when a client walks in with a lot on their mind and walks out in a good mood because of something she did!

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Meet Jaclyn! When first starting out, Jaclyn wanted to be a therapist or counselor. Later, she wanted to be a professional makeup artist. After starting Cosmetology School she found her true passion! Hair!  Jaclyn’s goal is always looking for the beauty in each client and bringing that out through color and different styling techniques. She gets her inspiration from all sorts of art. She loves looking though magazines and seeing models and looking through several social media outlets to get ideas.  Jaclyn has been behind the chair for over 9 years and with Sorelle Salon for 8. She says she loves being a part of such an amazing team that has become family! She feels that all her team members inspire her to keep an open mind when she sees the beautiful work they do. Being surrounded by so much love for hair and beauty and having such awesome team support is her dream come true!  Jaclyn is a mother of two and works part-time. She is available in the evenings and on Saturdays. She offers hair services as well as natural nail services.

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Meet Angela!  From her earliest memory she knew she wanted to do hair. She remembers sitting at the Beauty Salon every week as a little girl watching her mother get her hair done. Often she would ask her mom if she could do her hair like the ladies at the salon. By the time she was a sophomore in high school she asked her dad if she could quit school and go to Beauty School. Dad said “no”, but as soon as she graduated, off to Beauty School she went! 

When you are in Angela’s chair, it’s all about YOU! She gives 100% attention to her clients and wants them to feel good about themselves inside and out. She says she LOVES the conversations she has with her clients.  She has been in the Beauty Industry 39 years and still loves every minute of it! 

Angela is a perfectionist who remembers back to her early days just starting out and how she had to bring in a model every week and show her boss what she could do! Even though this was tough, it laid the ground work for her taking as much time as needed to achieve the desired result with her clients! 

Angela loves watching her peers do hair and learning new technique as well as continuing her education through various classes.  When Angela isn’t doing hair she really enjoys spending time on her boat “COSMO” (of course) with her friends and family. 




Meet Sara! Sara has always had a passion for making others feel confident, happy and beautiful.  Ever since she was a young girl she had wanted to be a part of an industry that would help others. Shortly after graduating high school, Sara attended cosmetology school at Pivot Point Academy where she took part in any volunteer work she could such as fashion shows and open houses where she would inspire new prospective students with her passion for the beauty industry.  She loves keeping up with the newest trends as they are always changing and loves that there is always something new to learn! 

Sara specializes in hair color and haircuts as well as facial waxing and tinting. She is in the salon from Tuesday through Saturday with morning and evening appointments!

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Nail Tech

Meet Liz!  Liz has been a licensed nail technician for over 20 years! She specializes in manicure, pedicures and nail enhancements. Her passion is picking out the perfect color for you and pampering you from hand to foot. She prides herself on the quality of her work and loves to put a smile on her client’s faces! 




My name is Olivia and I started my journey in the beauty industry in 2019! I went to Pivot Point Academy and knew from the moment I walked in on my first day that this is what I wanted to do! I have a passion for the beauty industry. Although my journey through beauty school was difficult due to the pandemic, I graduated and applied at Sorelle Salon a week after my graduation! I have been a client at Sorelle Salon for 5 years prior to beauty school and I have always loved the atmosphere here. With the welcoming environment as soon as you walk in and the amazing team vibes I knew I wanted it to be my salon home. I have been working here for over a year now  and I have never felt more at home and comfortable in this beautiful salon. I am so excited to continue my journey as a hairstylist and work with an amazing group of people by my side!  Please book your next appointment with me and allow me to do what I love! See you soon!




Hello everyone! I’m Isa. I started doing hair in 2019 and though the timing has been challenging through the pandemic, I am so excited to start the next chapter of my hair journey! I originally found sorelle salon through a friend when I went into visit her to get my hair done. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the energy here. I thrive to be the best version of myself as a hairstylist and I feel like I can do that here at Sorelle salon! I look forward to seeing new faces in my chair and having a supportive educational team along side of me. I am confident I will do my best to make everyone feel and look beautiful while visiting me. I can’t wait to meet you all soon. Come see me!




Kim cares about inner beauty and health as well as creating beautiful faces. Kim loves making people happy. This is how she fell in love with the Hydra-Facial! After working in a med spa that offered this treatment she knew she needed one of her own. Kim is passionate about helping others to love the skin they are in. Kim is a wife and mom of 2 working part time. Call now to book a life changing experience with Kim. 



Nail Tech

Hello! My name is Cindy. I’ve been a certified nail technician for 17 years. My services range from regular manicure, pedicure to dip, no chip and acrylic. I love my job and connecting with all my clients. I want to get to know you, understand what you like, and make sure your nails are perfect just the way you like them. 




I've been working since I was 16 years old and have always been involved in the hair and beauty industry because my Mom was a stylist, as well as other extended family members.  I worked and trained at Frank Gironda for six years, as well as being trained by a talented European stylist.  After my education was complete, I went out on my own and rented a chair in Wheaton and worked independently for six years.  After I had my children, I decided it was best to stay home to raise them and work out of my house during their younger years, maintaining my license and staying current with trends and classes.  I was ready to get back to working in a Salon environment and was blessed to have found Sorelle Salon which has been amazing.  In total, I have been working as a professional stylist for 23 years andI love doing hair and meeting wonderful people.  I also love to send people out the door feeling better than when they came in and helping them to feel their best!  

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